luni, 26 septembrie 2011

when no more can sleep

When no more can sleep
chaotic shouts voices in me:-can't keep everything!

my memory look you rudimentary
in the old rocking chair
under the bones of the head I walk
the same hand
I throw at ghenă
piles of thoughts
with the brilliant eyes
and imaginary hands trembling

I slap it over souls and get off
they throw into the wind
to slip on water sky
as a stranded iole
bearing-n white canvas
mulțimile Suns mouldy
found in wet lands
where my țeasta is moved exceedingly-n thousands of smithereens
mixing my mind
with a beam of light sepulcrală
fantomatică on when a shadow
is my face vestejește-n
covering me with powder of stone
When no more can sleep

2 comentarii:

MANOLIU spunea...

Interesanta combinatie ;
Aduce putin a dictionar, frumos!!!

misionara spunea...

da. cred că am și unele greseli. cer scuze de traducere. e un moft.