miercuri, 6 noiembrie 2013

poezii traduse

simbioze ,,m,,

când îmi apropii inima 
de buze simt că toate păsările au 
murit în mine o călătorie 
sumbră altare încolăcite 
trupul zilelor sticloase 
fumuri înzăpezite urmele zeilor şi 
îngerii îşi continuau închinarea 

dacă zic îmi apropii inima de tine 
te şi simt cum ai murit păsările 
se trezesc bezmetice 
răscolindu-ţi chemarea 
aceiaşi arcaşi 
îşi îndreaptă săgeţile înspre 
cerul nostru amuţit 
pădurile îngheaţă 
doar lebedele iluzorii 
îşi desfac din când în când 
basmaua înnegrind aşteptarea

traducere,Daniel-Gerard Iager-Mihalcea

When l get near my heart 
to the lips i feel like all birds they 
died in me a travel 
strange altars around 
body of glassy days 
snowy smokes prints of gods and 
angels continuing their bound 

if l say l get near me heart of you 
l really feel how you died birds 
wake up crazy 
realm your calling 
same arch men 
strait their arrows thru 
our sleepy sky 
forests get frozen 
only imaginary swans 
they open from time to time 

the veil blacking the waiting

Poem of the night

under the rain shadow
the sand search for me another
shelter and l get turn on
again same lamp
from a side of body
forgotten by butterflies l get asleep
children of may-flowers l whisle them
in their wings: dooo-diii! dooo-diiii!
givin' peace of their fear l
banding them and keep on how beautiful l am
l'm alike your hands
stranger i tell you that l am
mother i remember because
-my daughter turn on lamps for me as me
to shine and bright in thousand rainbows my eyes
drawn deep
for me another sky get opened
and here you are
the darkness burg me from
back sight of blue ghosts
l'm light l told them making
a sign like this
with arms tailed
l am the light exploded
from another sky
thru another


the old pick-up drum
in army-boots over my empty silence
cover in a stretch of forget
like a sick man with falling shoulders
l morn blade my hearing 
l weep the window of evening shadows
banding the lila may-flowers
and l search in fever
in clouds nest
her bumpy hands
they rolling refrigerated 
enflowrishin'  my lungs whisle in the ear the hush smog of crazy
l'm crawling like a bird with no head and trembling 
out there tiding 
the world languages to
make a new rope
for hang
from a side of my body
tic-tac tic-tac
tac tac tac
Time whisk the fecund second 
in his teeth-less mouth my face
pale is no more face
in pieces and strong-less l'm showing again God
a vision of night in which
are spouting cities
with dirty streets people
withought faces make their round
beat the rithm in wheel-beds 
tic tac tic tac tic
tic tic tic
"" this woman in every morning dies,"" explain them
a home-less whisle in his frozen fists
"""if l could not die God if would not die or
if l reveal for
one moment  to reborn
to learn
To not die...."""
my third eye
whisper-end of autumn
dizzy he discover me
in rush  page by page
second over second
My lightening smile

from a side of my body.

Je ne regrette rien
(traducere Daniel Mihalcea)

Edith Piaff raise her hand
over me her artrozis vibrate
death pass laughing
over our souls
unlock our lungs
my crying agonize
her crying reveal
the green plums.

traducere daniel mihalcea

After vision and face
made it as yours
the river more blood will ask from you
your forests will load from bones
in your veins a bitter bird
her feathers will smash
building to the weak arms
a snake nest
and the rock a heart
the slave will be no longer
new slave no more
so man take care
the falling autumns are not so insignifiant
bounds of blossoms beatings of weep no
there are still innocent openings of eyes-lashes but
get the sword from the snake mouth and hit in blindness
is the willing of growing grasses
in/from the dead rock

l dig deep fountains
of clouds with open palms in the body of the night(heat of night-cum vrei) this era share in fire the forest heart tired will grow my suns: he come he don't he died i broke yellow papers in await crucified lip of season whisper to mountains to shout what will be let it be to be god be my shoes rust in path of dust and desert the midnight darkness shout off the cocks get deaf shape to my voice

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