vineri, 24 mai 2013

Povestea mea


"""And today I write my story.
on the third of deep watters
With my fingers moist
in the blue skies horizont ,
Like an old legend wrote on a papirus.
The wind still blows his simphonies....into my soul harpes
Strangle me....full of pain,in my chest,
Far far way to the land of tears...
You listen my story
like a far radio theater
Memories which I thought forgot them,
they awake rebel from the sky
full of my Life history.
The show ask be listen.
Light and shadows draw my face.....
Than,change their voices
in a perfect mime,
Giving me almost a meteor reflection.
In secret nights,a butterfly
still kiss my lips which the skate of time.....
draw the word.....waiting.
He still write me love letters
with the dust of greene petals.....
We read together with the Moon
whispers from the harpe ,
Same song listen by the world.
Buried my body
by a Blue rain....of butterflies,
Which I wish share with......You.
You restless traveler of my thoughts......""""

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