sâmbătă, 6 februarie 2016


god have mercy of our hands
until the other shore’
the road it was too long
my friends are screaming and
singing are pushing towards the water
they think it’s a joke
their deeds
shuddering the awaken eye
the baby’s body is floating
is floating with the eyes swollen
with dry mouth with the chest of wire
’mom, I want a drop of water’
’don’t give it to him, god damn you, was yelling
the man with broken lung, you know that wets the bed at night’
the child’ s mouth is burning
it’s like an explosion of sun in his hair have tangled all
the horizon and the legs of the turtles
are pushing. ’no one will forget this night
is explaining the paper girl
no one will ever forget
Nobody and all
the other crimes
were dabbling
covering us
our eyes was like
trying to make
with the time…

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simt cum mâna mi se întinde peste timp luându-mi locul de acum locul meu încape într-o virgulă într-un singur punct m-aş și ascunde D...